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Busy Life Unhealthy Gut

When we think of our gut we seem to not worry about it unless it’s giving us discomfort,but we should be giving more thought before we get to this stage. Us humans as a whole are extremely busy creatures with work,family and other commitments that sometimes get in the way of thinking about ourselves and our health. So how can we help reduce the impact these things can have on our gut? Well for starters we need to slow down when we are deciding what,when,where and how much we are eating that maybe contributing to our “unhealthy” gut.

The what maybe the easiest place to start, on any menu anywhere you eat there should be at least 1 choice that should be gentle on the gut like a protein and vegetables.

When we eat depends on our hunger and in small part our schedule, sometimes we are left with little time to eat but we can’t use that as an excuse if we come prepared for time constraints.

Where can also be easy if you let it and making sure you take the time to sit and eat rather than rushing through the kitchen and inhaling whatever you can get your hands on.

How much, now if we haven’t let our hunger turn into ‘hangry’ so that we order everything on the menu including dessert we should be able to be mindful and look at the portion and not eat until we are in a food coma.

We all need to slow down and make a conscious effort in maintaining a healthy gut in order to continue having a happy gut, but if your already in the unhappy gut phase then re-evaluating the what,when,where and how much should give you an idea on what needs to change in order to get back to the health,happy gut.

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